Photography for Communities + Groups

'8 Mile' photography workshop and exhibition, University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (2009). 

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Regional, rural and remote communities in Australia and the Pacific are especially (and unfairly) challenged when it comes to accessing artistic experiences and opportunities. PCPA is focused on providing meaningful and enjoyable experiences and opportunities to people in these areas through engaging and thought provoking photography workshops. 

Year-long Personal Photography Workshop, Canberra (2018).

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With the use of photography it is our aim to help build participants' self confidence, environmental awareness, artistic and communication skills.

PCPA is invested in facilitating workshops that provide opportunities for participants to investigate, document and showcase their own community to the world, while simultaneously expressing themselves as individuals.

Springsure Community photography workshop, Queensland (2015).

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If you live in a regional, rural or remote community and you would like to organise a community photography workshop in your area please get in touch with PCPA  here.

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