Photography for Schools + Colleges

Cobargo Public School Photographic Workshop. Cobargo, NSW (2020)

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Regardless of where your school is located, we are interested to collaborate with you, either in person or remotely.

PCPA offers photography workshops for students of all ages. We also offer workshops for teachers and staff.

One of our principal objectives is to increase accessibility to the arts for people in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia and the Pacific. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of photography is seeing your own environment with a fresh perspective. Using high quality digital cameras, professional editing software and a large format professional printer, PCPA is well equipped to give students and  teachers alike a unique experience in the visual arts, that can be made into an exhibition, online gallery, physical exhibition or even a book. 

Wandoan State School Photography Workshop. Clermont, Queensland (2015).

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We encourage artistic engagement with local environment, facilitating the communication of personal perspective with regards to space and experience.

Our courses and workshops are hands on, with easy to use cameras for beginners and more advanced cameras for those with more photographic experience. 

We offer workshops lasting from a few hours to more sustained and involved courses that can last for weeks with regular meetings.

Student work from Bowen State High School photography workshop, Qld (2015).

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PCPA is especially concerned with outcome based projects and, as practicing photographers ourselves, love to see work printed and hung in an exhibition setting. There is nothing quite like seeing your own artwork on public display.

Student work from Capella State School photography workshop, Qld (2015).

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Students’ photographs will be added in our online galleries, contributing to an accessible archive and community of budding artists that will promote public appreciation, awareness and recognition of their photography.

For more information on our school photography workshops please get in touch with us here.

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