Babinda State School Workshop Review

We are a bit sad that our time with Babinda State School is now over. Our six-week workshop produced a really great set of works made by the Year 9 and Year 10 students, and we are really proud of what they achieved.

Today we received a lovely letter from Ms Karina Talbott, Babinda State School’s Visual Arts Teacher, and we have published the letter here with permission.

Sean and Aishah ran a 6 week program with my Year 9/10 students, introducing them to photography and extending their skills and creativity in the medium of watercolour. Our focus was on capturing a ‘portrait’ of our small town, as seen through the eyes of students.

We produced a collection of watercolour artworks (watercolour painted onto a printed photograph) showing a great variety in subject matter and also personal painting style. Many different moods were conveyed in the artworks.

Sean and Aishah have been fantastic to work with. From the start, we discussed how to tailor the project to the needs of my students and to the environment of our town. They remained flexible and approachable to both myself and students throughout the project. Sean and Aishah both have a gentle and supportive way of working with students.

It was great for my class to experience a realistic process, from ideas through to exhibition, with professional artists. As a teacher, it was insightful to participate in a project alongside my students and learn with them. I also gained a new appreciation for our town, as we really had a chance to explore the environment through a different lens (literally!).

Several students have already been approached to sell their artworks to local businesses featured in their photographs. This has been a great self-esteem boost for them and gives them a taste of how art can involve the wider community.

I would highly recommend any school to be involved with PCPA and look forward to seeing more creative student work from around Queensland.

Best wishes,

Karina Talbott
Visual Arts Teacher
Babinda State School

2021 Babinda School Workshop

PCPA is delighted to be working with students in Year 9 and 10 at Babinda State School on a five-week photography workshop. The workshop, designed with teacher Karina Talbott, aims to engage students with documentary photography and watercolour painting.

Students are learning the basic principles of documentary photography, using their own far north Queensland village of Babinda as their subject, and will use digital cameras to explore the town over two walking field trips.

Students’ photographs will be selected and edited to create an exhibition of the town from the students’ perspectives. To give the photographs a personal and unique touch, the images will be printed in black and white and then hand painted by the students.

Check out this link for progress of the workshop.

PCPA on the Cairns Arts and Culture Map

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the new PCPA website (you’re reading it!) and we are now also included in the Cairns Arts and Cultural Map.

The Cairns Arts and Culture Map has been developed by Cairns Regional Council to underscore the depth and breadth of the arts and culture in the region. Discover creative businesses, cultural organisations, festivals, public art, visual and performing artists, historical sites and so much more.

Visit the Cairns Art and Culture Map here.

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