Another lovely review of PCPA + Babinda School Workshop

We received another lovely review of our PCPA photography workshop and subsequent student exhibition at Babinda State School, this time from Alice Light Bade, Head of Primary at the school.

 We all have good and bad memories of our time in high school and I am certain that ‘Portrait of Babinda’ with photographers Sean and Aishah from Pacific Centre for Photographic Arts (PCPA) has provided an unforgettable experience for our Year 9/10 Visual Art students. 

Not only did they get to leave the school grounds and engage with the local community, in collaboration with their Arts teacher Ms Talbott and professionals Sean and Aishah, they developed techniques in photography by using professional cameras, learning about composition and capturing impressive visuals. 

The result is overwhelmingly stunning and appeals to the general public, especially local stores who offered to exhibit student’s work for purchase. We are proud to have Year 9/10 students present their work in our library as a rare quality of art viewed in a high school.

Kind regards,
Alice Light Bade
HOD Primary

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